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Steam Dream Expo

The Steam Dream Expo returns to The Olde World Village again this June, promising to be bigger and better. General admission is only $10 per day, and ages 12 and under are FREE, VIP admission is only $20 per day. Enjoy fantastic live entertainment, visit a wide variety of amazing vendors for your shopping needs, attend informational panels, and make sure to pick up some of the best food you may ever eat. Don't forget to "join" our event, on facebook. We look forward to making The Steam Dream Expo an event you will always remember.

Grand Rapids Steampunk Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone,

I am 3 photographer, a costume designer and model who are putting together a Steampunk photo shoot in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan Area. We need your help from those more knowledgeable than us. In particular we need to find locations. We do our shoots for the love not money and want to create something to be proud of. Can you help?

World Steam Expo

Is the event really on "indefinite hold" as described here?

The expo's website no longer works, either. Does anyone know what's going on?
The Infernal Device Crew knows that once we win Art Prize ( wink wink), there will be many cries of "Meet you at the device" from friends and family gathering in the city. We wanted the Steampunk community to have the first go at it.
The Ah Nab Awen park is right next door to the Gerald R Ford Museum, where we will installed. Put on your finery, Pack your picnic basket, bring your friends and family, and welll--- vote for the ...device. Myke Amend, David and Nan Braun and Todd Cahill look forward to meeting you and talking about their retrofuturist vision that inspired the Device. Cogbots will have the Gear Lab there for the experimentation and entertainment of Steampunk children of all ages. Boheme Tribal Belly Dance will be sharing the wonders of the Orient and Aerial4Me will descend from the clouds to delight you with their flights of fancy.

If you are too far to join us, please help spread the word so we can reach more semi-local Steampunkers.

We are currently looking for acoustic musicians for ambiance. Please email me at, if you're interested!

Grand Rapids Area :)

Hey, all!

So, I'm new in the Grand Rapids area (first semester at GVSU), and so far I know no one. ^..^ I was kind of hoping for some sort of area meet up, or to at least find out if there's anyone else also currently enrolled at Grand Valley.

In terms of a meet up, I was vaguely thinking of The Bitter End coffee house, as it has a really neat atmosphere, and it's open 24hr so that accommodates anyone's work/school/life schedule.

And, if there is anyone else at GVSU, we have GOT to get a Steampunk club started, because I checked, and found absolutely no evidence of one. :(

Win 2 tickets to tgnese

  its been a while since i posted but whats better then now

Who here wants a chance to go to the great new england steampunk exhibition

do you want a chance to win 2 free tickets for this convention.

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there will be many guests my group included in that list

New offers (added to the 30-some pre-existing):

W'ere officially over 50% with our kickstarter, with two and a half days to go.

That sounds bad - but we've seriously made most of our progress over the last 4 days... as kickstarters should go. Still, we'd feel much better if we were a bit closer to that mark by the end of the day, so, we've extended more offers and rewards.

I've also lowered the prices some existing ones - and made it more clear that the Steampunk/Steampulp coloring book for grown up kids, the Airships and Tentacles Scrap Book, and the $1 downloadable art, come with most every higher reward...

Also the commemorative tee shirts, your name engraved in the piece of art, and other such things come with most of the mid to higher level awards.

~ The ChaiThulhu Original Painting (bottom of this post) reduced to $999, with tee shirts, coloring books, downloads, and a lot more extras.

~ A new offer from Bethalynne Bajema, wherein she will do your portrait in the style of her Black Ibis cards, make a card of it, and slip it into the actual deck (which you will receive by mail) - also includes tee shirts, downloads, coloring book, etc...

~For Bands - I have a pretty sweet album cover deal, including prepress/layout/typesetting... tray cards, Cd booklets, CD imprints, and even custom art! (plus the tee shirt, web banners from our site, etc..)

~ For Business owners or other people who would like a newly designed website - I've got a deal where I design yours, populate it with a nice amount of content, throw in a free domain name, host it for a year, and even throw in the tee shirt, a banner ad from our site to yours, and a tour of our lab for you and your friends/companions. Logo refreshes/reworks are included, and you get a lot of big files you can use for collateral materials and other advertising needs.

Below: ChaiThulhu painting (12x24 on wood panel in acrylic paint)


From the storybook I am illustrating, being offered as a high resolution PDF download for $1 on our Kickstarter

Get a $2 sheet of fine art paper from your local craft store, and this print will look its very best - a mere $3 in total investment.

Watermark does not appear on print

The music "The Delta Queen", is from the original demo reel by Vernian Process, the more refined and final cut can be heard via their site:

Central forum question

Out of curiosity...  how many of the people on here are also on other steampunk forums online??  I'd like to branch out and find more people who would be interested in events, in my area - but also would like to keep an eye out for events all over and maybe form some carpooling and roomsplitting relationships for steampunk travel opportunities...

I was considering making a separate group of my own (I live in the wrist of Michigan, so we're closer to Chicago & it's events than Detroit), but have been combing teh interwebz looking at all the different forums where people are posting already.
Steampunk Michigan Facebook Group

And, of course, this one.

Any others out there I should be watching?

I have a decent sized crew of my own (probably ~10-15 people when it's all said and done) representing my little wrist area of Michigan - Benton Harbor / St. Joseph area - but figured I'd shout out on here to see how many other lurkers were around the bermuda triangle between South Bend / Kalamazoo / Grand Rapids area...