mistresselaura (mistresselaura) wrote in michigan_steam,

Grand Rapids - "Meet you at the Device" Steampunk Picnic and Gathering

The Infernal Device Crew knows that once we win Art Prize ( wink wink), there will be many cries of "Meet you at the device" from friends and family gathering in the city. We wanted the Steampunk community to have the first go at it.
The Ah Nab Awen park is right next door to the Gerald R Ford Museum, where we will installed. Put on your finery, Pack your picnic basket, bring your friends and family, and welll--- vote for the ...device. Myke Amend, David and Nan Braun and Todd Cahill look forward to meeting you and talking about their retrofuturist vision that inspired the Device. Cogbots will have the Gear Lab there for the experimentation and entertainment of Steampunk children of all ages. Boheme Tribal Belly Dance will be sharing the wonders of the Orient and Aerial4Me will descend from the clouds to delight you with their flights of fancy.

If you are too far to join us, please help spread the word so we can reach more semi-local Steampunkers.

We are currently looking for acoustic musicians for ambiance. Please email me at raksanais@gmail.com, if you're interested!
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