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michigan_steam's Journal

Michigan Steampunk
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For Steampunk Enthusiasts in Michigan and Northern Ohio
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Welcome to Michigan_steam, LJ's only community for steampunk aficionados from the Great Lakes State. Feel free to join, post, talk, brainstorm, whatever! You don't absolutely have to be from Michigan to join, just interested in what the Michiganders (steamquack.) are up to.

All you have to do is:
- Keep it steampunk themed
- Put large images or very long posts behind a cut (Instructions on how to do so from the LJ FAQ)
- No flaming, derogatory remarks, revenge posts, etc. Remember - Victorian manners were a lot stricter than ours. :D (For a brief rundown of just a handful of Victorian manners, read here and here)
- Feel free to post events and conventions, but remember to include dates and locations CLEARLY AND DESCRIPTIVELY. Sorting through a webpage trying to find out where an event is held only to find out that it is hours away is no fun.
- Most of all - have fun! And keep it steamy, friends.